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Whole Pastrami (min weight 1.4kg)

Whole Pastrami (min weight 1.4kg)

There's Pastrami, and then there's our Pastrami.
We've tweaked it to something that is incomparable to all others - infact it's actually a corned beef/pastrami hybrid.
We know you'll be raving to your friends about it.
Whether you're doing sandwiches on a Sunday or thick cut steak-style slices at Friday night dinner,  your family will be raving about how soft, tender, flavourful & "not too salty" our Pastrami is.


Our whole Pastrami comes fully vacuum sealed and will store as is in your fridge for up to 14 days.
It will comfortably serve 4-6 hungry adults.



When ready to prepare simply:

- Remove bag from fridge

- Preheat your oven to 210C.


1) Remove Pastrami from bag

2) Place fat side up on disposable foil tray or baking tray (line tray with foil for ease of cleanup)

3) Cover top with foil and create seal

4) Put in preheated 210C oven for 18 min

5) Remove Pastrami from oven - keep it sealed and covered

6) Adjust oven to grill function and set to medium heat

7) UNCOVER Pastrami and return to oven for 5 min

(fat cap should be bubbling and rendering but not be spraying wildly - if it is, reduce the grill heat slightly) 

8) Remove from oven and let rest a further 5 minutes

9) Slice, Serve, Enjoy!

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